The Australian
Building Services Journal

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Adbourne Publishing is delighted to have been commissioned by the IPEA (Institute of Plant Engineers of Australasia Inc.) to produce its official publication, The Australian Building Services Journal. It is a challenge we are pleased to accept as we have a track record in publishing which we are extremely proud of, having established and developed high standards with the image and quality of our publications.

Advertising is the very lifeblood of commercial enterprise. Successful companies with a good product to market can so often put much of their success down to having reached the market they sought through excellent promotion of their goods and services. Advertising can be expensive if much of it fails to target areas that deal in your specific field of expertise.

Adbourne Publishing has established its success with an old and still important rule of thumb. Give the readers what they want to read, both in excellent articles and advertising that deals with their everyday wants and needs, and look after your advertisers with a professional service as you constantly strive to increase circulation.

The Australian Building Services Journal is sent to all members of The Institute of Plant Engineers of Australasia and the Australian membership of CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers); to commercial builders, factory plants, shopping centres and most importantly for advertisers, an increased circulation to Australia’s major consulting engineers, who have put so much input into the establishment of large and small projects.

Among our writers are contributors from these very areas - names who are well known and respected for their expertise. This is part of our efforts to lift the image of this national journal, and to support those advertisers who support The Institute of Plant Engineers of Australasia. We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how best we can help promote your products and services.