The Executive Housekeeper

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Tourism and travel could not have become the major industry it has without the availability of high standard hotel accommodation, and it is the Housekeeper who ensures this accommodation meets the high expectations of today’s business and holiday guests.

The Executive Housekeeper, initially launched by the core group of Executive Housekeepers from Melbourne's four and five star hotels, with input from senior staff at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), came into being to raise the profile and recognition of hotel housekeeping in all states. Every effort is made with each issue for it to include features that will expand the knowledge and ideas of readers with news suited to their industry, and including special articles involving products well suited to the industry needs. Most writers who prepare the articles are well known and respected names in their field of expertise.

The journal continues to work in close liaison with the housekeeping groups around the country, being produced in association with PEHN (Professional Executive Housekeeping Network), SEQPHA (South East Queensland Professional Housekeeping Association) and Senior Executive Housekeepers from major hotels in other states. It has become a resource for all professional housekeepers and their staff, along with teachers in the institutional field. It can also be a most useful aid to instruct students in technical schools and colleges that are seeking career information about the important part or the hospitality industry and lodging field.

Produced three times per year, The Executive Housekeeper is distributed to every hotel/motel that caters for upwards of 50 rooms. It is sent to each Executive Housekeeper, and has a large readership of General Managers. These are the very people who make the decisions involving products they use, such as those associated with your company. Advertising is the very lifeblood of any commercial enterprise. It was with this thought in mind that we make contact with you, as we do have access through our distribution to the major hotels who remain the backbone of the expanding accommodation business. If we can be of use in helping you promote your services, don't hesitate to discuss this with Adbourne Publishing.