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The Australian Motel Owners’ Journal has now established itself as an important contributor to the hospitality industry, with positive feedback coming from all sections of the market.

“MO” is distributed free to motels and motor inns throughout Australia.

The Australian Motel Owners’ Journal is supported by the Federal Minister for Tourism. His department will continue to provide editorial for the magazine, highlighting the government’s acknowledgement of the importance of tourism to the Australian economy.

Australian tourism continues to grow at an impressive rate, generating an increased turnover for those able to provide quality service to cater for the needs of this expanding industry. As with their 5 star cousins, our smaller 2 and 3 star motels need to keep abreast of the ever-changing needs of their customers, keeping up to date with the latest trends.

The Australian Motel Owners’ Journal is a high-quality A4 colour publication, designed to help educate and inform its readers, featuring topics such as housekeeping, building maintenance, ground maintenance, swimming pool maintenance and front of house etc. These articles and papers are written by experts in their fields and are totally generic. One advertisement in the Journal will go on working for 6 months, giving your company continuous exposure to the motel owners and their staff.

The information in this publication will raise the skill and knowledge level of the motel owners in Australia and help establish new standards in the industry.

I recommend you reserve your space now to promote your products and services to the people you need to reach.